Al -Hamd Herpes Land Company

Greetings from Alhamd Herbs Land for the export of medicinal and aromatic plants and agricultural crops in Egypt.
We are in the field of cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants and agricultural crops and export. Distinction and excellence and successes have moved us to the global arena. A leading company in providing all types of medicinal plants, essential oils, agricultural crops as well as seeds at competitive prices and raw materials with international specifications. We also have fast processing and product safety because we take the product directly from its hometown.

Some of the types we deal

Chamomile flower ( flower – powder – oils ) – parsley – Celery – Fennel – Marjoram – Hibiscus – Mint - Basil - Rose of Jericho – Cumin – Sesame - habat al Baraka – Caraway – Coriander – Calendula – Dill – Thyme – Mulukhiyah – Cinnamon - Lemon grass.
agricultural crops ( Beans – Rice - Cowpea – peas – Onions – lentil – Garlic – Fenugreek - Sorghum ) And all kinds of legumes and seeds.